Dear AUDE,

My name is UWAMBAJIMANA Georgette and I am one of the recipients of the four years of AUDE’s scholarship since 2016 up to now. Thanks to your generous sponsorship of the school fees and pocket money which made me be healthy and consequently expand my mindset ability to perform great things and let give contribution in the Rwandan society. I am able to pursue my passion in the program for Biotechnology in the master’s degree at any given University teaches about my passion.

I am undergraduate student finishing my last year of bachelor’s degree in the program of biology and education. Throughout my degree, I have been able to maintain a grade point average of 80% while participating teaching biology in the internship. l look forward to pursuing a career as a biology Teacher upon my graduation which will be in October of 2019.l am confident that the expertise and knowledge I have gained at the University of technology and arts of BYUMBA(UTAB) will allow me to make a lasting difference to the Biomolecular industry.

Now AUDE association, I consider you as my second parents because according to my performance of 75% of overall marks through your financial support you provided for me and much advices from AUDE’s leaders which will help me in my sustainable development, if they was not there I would have dropped out. So now my future plan is not only to to be a biology teacher but also to join with you as a member of AUDE and be a partner in whatever AUDE activities in all the times.

The AUDE’scholarship paid for my tuition fees and living allowances expenses which removed my financial burden and allowed me to focus well on my studies.

Thank you for your sponsorship.



Carta final de agradecimiento de Georgette

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