A.U.D.E. University Association for Development

Why this Association?

The Rwanda State University can accept every year only 12,000 out of the 45,000 students who finish the secondary school. The students who are not admitted to the state university, need to find financial support to study in private universities.
A scholarship for one academic year amounts to 1,000 / 1,200 euros which must be added to the cost of board and lodging, transport, etc. Many parents cannot afford to pay for their children’s education.

Our mission

A.U.D.E. aims to support the education of students who dream of attending university.
The association will just fund academic fees and costs leaving remaining expenses to the students’ families. The member who decides to support the Association is invited to do so for four year, which is a normal academic period of study. Before getting the grant, a student is supposed to know that, once his/her study is over and he/she starts to work, he/she will become a member of the Association and, as such, he/she is supposed to give back the received money so that another student will have the opportunity to study at university. The aim of the association is that of supporting the self-development of the Country.
The selection of the candidates will be decided by a committee chosen by the Archbishop of Kigali.

Legal and financial charter

A.U.D.E. is a secular association – ONLUS based on a project by Don Gaétan Kabasha, a Rwandan priest who is a member of the administrative committee in the role of  spiritual advisor.
The Association is registered as an Association of the Home Office in Spain with the number 610364, and is authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Treasury with the fiscal number G87507265.

How can you help?

It is possible to support the Association in several ways, according the the members’ possibility and good will:

  • With 100 euros per month a member will become the academic supporter of a student.
  • With 50 euros per month a member will become a 50 % academic supporter of a student.
  • With 20 euros per month a member will become one of 5 academic supporters of a student.
  • The Association accepts contributions of 10 euros and more.

How to contact A.U.D.E.

Avenida Menorca nº2-P8, 2D
28290 Las Matas (Las Rozas), Madrid
Tel: 0034603184516
Email: audesarrollo@yahoo.es
Web: www.audesarrollo.es
Account Number: Swift : BSCHESMMXXX    ES65-0049-1828-21-2810294472

Contact in Rwanda:

Father Gaspard Mukeshimana
Nyamirambo catholic parish
Phone: 0783529518

How to collaborate