May 19, 2017


I am  Fidele, a first year student of education in electronics and telecommunication engineering program at a university of RWANDA HUYE Campus, and want to express my thanks and my deepest appreciation for your profound contribution in providing financial assistance for me to help with school. Your assistance was gratifying for  me and my family who have a heavy economic burden in our house condition.

before you support me; i was felling that i postponed my education and personal advancement which will make me an honorable in my future life. So it is time to focus on my personal needs and my future.
I chose the education profession because of the very significant impact to society and you, you help me to put into practice that decision promptly without any other consideration,i consider you as my second parents.

I am at the beginning of this journey and will be busy for four years!

I thank you and cherish you.

Thanks from the heart,


Carta de agradecimiento de Fidèle

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